Belt, screw, air slide or pneumatic conveyor systems.


Electronic weighing machines with various feed systems depending on the characteristics of the material to be weighed.


Different types of bagging machines for paper or plastic bags, including valve, open mouth or film roll.


Big bag filling.




Semi-automatic bag loading systems for railway wagons or lorries, with telescopic or articulated belt conveyors.


Pallet-less solutions ideal for producing self-supporting loads without the pallet underneath.


Palletising robots.


Stretch and heat-shrink hooding machines to stabilise and protect the pallet during transportation and storage.


Shrink frames for pallets with heat-shrink sleeves.


Intermediate line elements for cleaning and bag alignment, weight control belts, bag markers, overweight bag rejection systems, statistical control, production control, bag opening with product recovery and empty bag rejection.


Other elements related to these systems.

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