Rotary machines for filling bags preformed valve.


Static machines for filling bags preformed valve.


Big Bag filling machines.


VFFS machines flat film reel, to form, fill and close bags.


TFFS machines with tubular film roll.

METRAL’s ER model rotary bagging machines can be manufactured with betw...
Fluidification bagging machine
The fluidisation process enables the filling of valve bags with a wide range ...
Screw packers
Metral®‘s screw bagging machines are a cost-effective solution for ...
Impeller packers (horizontal and vertical)
All Metral® bagging machines are equipped with officially-approved electr...
Big Bag filling machines
Semi-automatic machines for the filling and weighing of big bags.
VFFS 1200. Vertical bagging in stainless steel.
The Form Fill Seal VFFS 1200 is a vertical packaging machine...
TFFS bagging machines until 1.200 bags/hour.
TFFS machine with a tubular film roll producing up to 1,200 bags/hour.T...
TFFS bagging machines until 2.000 bags/hour.
TFFS high productivity bagging machine producing up to more than 2,000 bags/h...

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