Metral has predominantly concentrated its business on the construction industry in recent years and, in doing so, has gained the confidence of the leading international companies in the sector.


Whether it be for cement, mortar, lime, sand or expanded clay, all of which are products that are difficult to package, Metral is able to offer the ideal solution.

Typical products:

• Cement.
• Mortar.
• Sand.
• Gravel.
• Lime.
• Pearlite.
• ...Others.

Typical on-site conditions and machinery characteristics in this sector:

• Extremely dusty environments.
• Products that are often highly abrasive.
• The machines used for these applications have to be very resistant to ensure reliability with a reasonable level of maintenance.
• It is necessary to adopt technical solutions that protect the machine’s moving parts from the dust produced by the product, and provide surface treatments to protect against atmospheric agents.
• The construction sector generally requires simple and very sound, but also high performance, solutions.

Bag characteristics:

• Mainly paper bags with valves.
• In some countries, raffia bags.
• Plastic FFS bags with two or three welds.
• Raffia big bags with or without interior polyethylene bag.
• Open mouth bags.


Types of dosing machine:

• Vibrating.
• Belt.
• Gravity.
• Screw.


Commonly used bagging machines:

• Rotary bagging machines with vertical turbine.
• Rotary bagging machines with fluidiser.
• Static bagging machines with vertical turbine.
• Static bagging machines with horizontal turbine.
• Vertical FFS machines.
• Tubular FFS machines.
• Big bag filling with screw feed.
• Open mouth bagging machines.



• Traditional layer palletisers, 400 - 5,000 bags/hour, depending on production needs.
• Robot palletisers.


Pallet protection and stability:

• Stretch wrapping machines with turntables.
• Stretch wrapping machines with rotating arms, with or without lids.
• Stretch hooding machines.
• Heat-shrink hooding machines.

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