In the chemical industry, numerous products need to be packaged in paper or plastic bags.

These products can be considered simple to package, as in the case of the petrochemical industry (mainly granules and no dust), or particularly difficult, in the case of products with physical characteristics that require highly complex packaging procedures and special dedicated solutions.

For the simple products, tubular and flat film FFS bagging machines are most widely used.

Dosing is based on net weight and gravity feeders are used.

Given the type of machines used, the most common is the plastic bag.

For applications with difficult products, the most commonly used are pre-formed valve or open mouth bags.

Considering the function that the bag has to perform, paper bags are often the only possible solution.

In this sector, typical operating conditions can also be very different.

For certain products, machines are required to operate in classified areas in accordance with the ATEX Directive.
Production rates also vary greatly depending on the type of product to be bagged.

Metral’s workhorse for these applications is undoubtedly the pneumatic valve or turbine bagging machine, whose main characteristic is its capacity to bag particularly difficult products.

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